I also have one. It's pretty fun to fidget with.
Overlord5670 Overlord5670 12.09.201703:10 response link
I saw this before and thought this was an extremely attractive face.
Overlord5670 Overlord567018.05.201704:30responselink
Can't say for sure but based off the art style it's an Oglaf.
Overlord5670 Overlord567016.05.201708:14responselink
If they both shot reaper would win.
Overlord5670 Overlord567013.05.201704:50responselink
Kinda but not really. It's been pretty big in Rule 34 recently for some reason. Great marketing though.
Overlord5670 Overlord5670 08.05.201708:52 response link
The butt cheeks through the cape make this comic.
Overlord5670 Overlord567002.05.201704:28responselink
That's what I came to say as well!
Overlord5670 Overlord5670 19.03.201719:57 response link
1/3 of the way to the right. 2/3 down.
Overlord5670 Overlord5670 18.03.201705:12 response link