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Dick Jokewww.legacy-control.com2010-2013 Javis Pay,dick joke,peter,heaven,inside joke,legacy control,comics,funny comics & strips, cartoons,sandbox,legacy-control
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ease dropping misunderstanding dog fapping girls funny sounds sandbox 

Happy Soundscav, have vouSEEN JOSEPH?no... HE'S BEEN ' LOCKEP AWAV in HIS ROOM POR PA/S, TALKin6 TO HirnSELP Anp,ease dropping,misunderstanding,dog,fapping,girls,funny sounds,sandbox
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birds gift of flight flying jealous comics sandbox thegentlemansarmchair 

IT'S VERY TIRING. N,/ SOMETIMES 1 REALLY WISH \1 1 COULD JUST SIT IN A CARAND DRIVE TO GET AROUND.\V YOU HUMANS REALLY TAKE >A c\\V THAT FOR GRANTED.X,birds,gift of flight,flying,jealous,comics,funny comics & strips, cartoons,sandbox,thegentlemansarmchair
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gif dog toilet sandbox 

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girlfriend videogames jealous sandbox invisible bread comics 

SO you have Q Video qa/ne playing girlfriend...and THAT'S THE PROBLEM?/oh, heh, yeah i guess Ihat is actually fhe coolest King ever/Sorry,girlfriend,videogames,jealous,sandbox,invisible bread,comics,funny comics & strips, cartoons
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super mario bowser princess peach secret cheating lying costume sandbox 

Again??Thais the 3rd lime 11 monlh -Wlullwrong?Going lo eve the prince gainHe till believes the mdnapp story?,super mario,bowser,princess peach,secret,cheating,lying,costume,sandbox
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horseback bareback condoms misunderstanding mercworks comics sandbox 

THE HORSE HAS ^ ASAOOLEON.YEAH, BUT I'M NOT WEARING A CONDOM,mercworks.net,horseback,bareback,condoms,misunderstanding,mercworks,comics,funny comics & strips, cartoons,sandbox
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cat keys flyer deception reward trick sandbox 

Has anyone seen my car keys?
REWARD"Eddie"B/ack ft^dn<>113, whl,e markings on belly, no tail Six years old Red aUent oa9SvverNve9ht Mews all day / night demanding attended VVn *$,ay off coun,ertPs Ea,s directly from Wnous e* p,a!es- kn<>cks glasses/bottles/vases onto toor * Pensive ailments. Doesnt do tricks or anything of
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fast food,food,meal,food fight,mcdonalds,mascots,cereal,sandbox
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women faces mixed countries sandbox 

A photographer took more than 4000 photos of women from different countries. The faces were mixed and these were the result|GermanStla r.EnslishIrish.WelshPolishXSwedishFinnishirilfPhilliooineTaiwaneseSpanishAfchanTfSwissLithuanian /
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