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Time Travel as a boy

Seeing epic battles10 yeadTOfggi going back in time to ancient greeceQ GSorffemiddleagedsoldier,history,greece,sandbox
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Q 138Q5 586(t,.^ NYCT Subway. Wear a Mask. O7JIB @NYCTSubwayReplying to |Hi, Jeremy. Benches were removed from stations to prevent the homeless from sleeping on them. AJP"We have inconvenienced you and made the station more inaccessible to the pregnant, disabled and elderly, but you must understand
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CollapsePosts @CollapsePostsFBI raids Brooklyn man's home after he hoarded over 5000 boxes of N95 masks and was trying to sell them at 700% mark-up.Bae Guevara @KaimandanteCool, now do the insulin manufacturers next.,drugs,insulin,USA,United States,sandbox
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To be fair, Persians did have a very progressive social, monetary and legal systems for that time

When you are one of the most progressive ancient civilizations but a slave state of pedophiles fought a suicidal battle against you and now youre remembered as the bad guys,history,persia,Greek states,sandbox
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Bill Mitchell 0 @mitchellviiI put on a mask and literally within seconds, I am struggling to breathe.Soledad O'Brien e @soledadobrienThe surgeon who wore a mask for six hours to reconstruct my knee thinks maybe you're lying and also a drama queen.,covid,masks,twitter,sandbox
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Noooyou barbarians don't know how to treat a ladyWe allowed women to run businesses, own land, and even file,history,vikings,sandbox
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