Seroster Seroster29.05.201523:17responselink
Fuckin cobras?
Seroster Seroster 19.05.201522:25 response link
An average one that can walk the cup?
Seroster Seroster17.05.201518:37responselink
Mother of GOD! I will never look at a stapler the same way again!
Seroster Seroster 25.04.201523:54 response link
Fake tits, boring pose, braindead look.
Seroster Seroster 22.04.201523:49 response link
Likely contanminated, either by disease like salmonella or an industrial freezer broke.
Seroster Seroster14.04.201522:27responselink
Also the moon is not fixed in place and the plank would break...
Seroster Seroster08.04.201507:42responselink
Too bad they fuck up the other people in the car though.
Seroster Seroster 28.03.201500:22 response link
So the french are wrong?
Big surprise.
Seroster Seroster28.03.201500:20responselink
Seroster Seroster 27.03.201508:31 response link