This was a great scene... I love hisoka
Shimonz Shimonz 19.06.201404:07 response link
That last one got me good....
Shimonz Shimonz 18.06.201423:55 response link
A couple of these look like Tohou...
Shimonz Shimonz 18.06.201423:51 response link
I like it!
Shimonz Shimonz 18.06.201423:50 response link
wonderful, but it needed to go a tad slower
Shimonz Shimonz 18.06.201423:48 response link
I am fairly certain that is Caitlyn from League of Legends
Shimonz Shimonz 17.06.201402:29 response link
That was my first thought as well Ali
Shimonz Shimonz 12.06.201418:07 response link
I own 2 dogs and live in the mountains and they have killed 3 bears that tried to get into my garbage. Don't underestimate dogs my friend.
Shimonz Shimonz 02.06.201406:31 response link
Red is a higher class then the clones that han leia and luke were fighting. Though since they were all clones I do not know what makes them different from the others.
Shimonz Shimonz01.06.201423:16responselink
I believe that this is Tohou.
Shimonz Shimonz 29.05.201416:05 response link