I am confused and excited.
Shimonz Shimonz 26.01.202104:27 response link
How much do you wanna bet they could make more money by making this an american tourist trap with VIP's getting to fire one?
Shimonz Shimonz22.01.202103:55responselink
It's a cosplay of Princess Shirahoshi from one piece. Imagine the things you could do with the size difference.
Shimonz Shimonz 21.01.202103:41 response link
idk wtf that is but i like it.
Shimonz Shimonz 18.01.202123:00 response link
I don't blame the packaging here, how easy do you think it is to cut a copper wire with cheap scissors? No matter how thin that is he both cut without looking AND chopped the wiring.
Shimonz Shimonz15.01.202106:06responselink
That is scandalous in some places. Why? idk but I hope the driver got out and sat with them.
Shimonz Shimonz10.01.202122:19responselink
GTA 5 in the hilly residential area.
Shimonz Shimonz10.01.202122:15responselink
Pipe busted due to a flash freeze I bet.
Shimonz Shimonz 10.01.202104:50 response link
Nah every single one of those is Pokemon Go
Shimonz Shimonz10.01.202104:48responselink
Get two on a tree and call it tree nuts and people will buy it.
Shimonz Shimonz 08.01.202100:04 response link