Fus Ro Dah! :D
SpEEk0 SpEEk0 27.03.201700:27 response link
Love Overlord. Love big racks. Double win :)
SpEEk0 SpEEk0 17.02.201704:05 response link
He cut of part of my message, and I forgot. Dang xD
SpEEk0 SpEEk019.01.201723:37responselink
Oh those ones vary. In my perception for example, that specific one you linked has the wrong light. The artist has highlighted the monster and the woman, but the light type has no credibility. And the colors are too soft, wich make a supposedly "dark" picture less dark. Also, if it makes sense, the colors has too much chroma and saturation making a slight "blurring" (not the right word but close enough) due to contrast and too much "bright" colors. Again, personal opinion
SpEEk0 SpEEk0 19.01.201723:36 response link
This. Pictures like this. More of them please! :D Absolutely drop-dead gorgeous. Oh, and if you have any more Deep-fantasy pics like I talked about a long time back I'd love to see them too. Keep it up man! *faints from fantasy and graphical awesomeness*

Im just such a sucker for those sort of things :P It brings Joy to my Reactor :D
SpEEk0 SpEEk0 19.01.201704:41 response link
Sounds rough. Post 'em anyways :)
SpEEk0 SpEEk0 17.01.201704:43 response link
Might've found a new manga/anime to read/watch, depending on wich one I go for first. Looks interesting enough, Cheerio :)
SpEEk0 SpEEk0 11.01.201704:58 response link
Who is the peep in your avatar anyways? o.o
SpEEk0 SpEEk0 10.01.201701:58 response link
You go Arthur :D
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