sorry, it was just a punchline, i suck as comedian. :(
Stalker Stalker01.11.201723:21responselink
Krampus parade? isn't a bit too soon?
Stalker Stalker31.10.201718:52responselink
Cat's face in last pics will be perfect for a "vietnam flashback" meme.
Stalker Stalker 16.10.201722:50 response link
She isn't mercury from blazblue series?
Stalker Stalker 09.10.201723:08 response link
And now i want to be an undead for not feel the "pain of shame" for typo "at least" with "at Keast". :|
Stalker Stalker02.10.201703:01responselink
My bad, i was sure undead feel no any pain, at keast that's explain why vampires in the movie scream in pain when buring exposed to day-light. XD
Stalker Stalker02.10.201702:59responselink
Well, obviously you are right, but is even true that's not REAL internet, even my older sister play a lot of candy crush, but this dont make her a gamer. Think about real sites like 4chan or even joyreactor itself... how many top models there are here?
Stalker Stalker 02.10.201702:56 response link
Just enjoy a sunny day and you will be ok grandpa. ;)
Stalker Stalker01.10.201718:00responselink
Stalker Stalker30.09.201715:46responselink
Well, this is internet after all, fatty ugly boys are more common than top super models. XD
Stalker Stalker30.09.201702:12responselink