Someone can't wait to get a new pairs of shoes, don't you?
Stalker Stalker20.09.201814:50responselink
it's one of that MagicTg thing?
Stalker Stalker16.09.201800:29responselink
I'm still not anymore an "expert" but that's pretty look like a carnotaurus arms, obviusly is still a crappy toy, but close enough.
Stalker Stalker13.09.201800:10responselink
It passed so much time when i was a child, but i think it is a carnotaurus not a t-rex.
Stalker Stalker10.09.201822:21responselink
Still less cold-blood than any other real women.
Stalker Stalker31.08.201816:51responselink
She's really great, this will make her baby a stupid, rude and violent man happy of his life full of friends and chicks.
Stalker Stalker30.08.201821:44responselink
Losing 50-60 iq point will make him stupid, but happy, all for is good. ;-)
Stalker Stalker25.07.201815:43responselink
Someone say dogs are better than people... meh! i doubt it.
Stalker Stalker16.07.201812:56responselink
Ooooh! so many naughty joke here.
Stalker Stalker11.07.201814:57responselink
IDK what the original symbol mean, but the new one in headband isn't the same in the anime/manga.
Stalker Stalker08.07.201800:43responselink