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Mine was just a (bad) joke about time-travel paradox, so is like the 100% is what happens to me and the remaining 100% is about what i do about it.
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Oh! look like her knees are really worn out.
what I mean
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My mom tell me i was born preemie because she fall from stairs and it was at risk of abortion, i was born anyway, this just show im unable to fix my problem even with a time-machine. :(
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I'm glad to see you new post here. :)
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Never watched it, and honestly i don't want, too much violence and i'm too much susceptible. :|
Stalker Stalker 23.12.201706:13 response link
merry christmas, i just hope in your return here, at least once in a while. :)
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Beside i'm not a trekker, a sw fan or someone that give encouragement to whoever just to look cool, I have to congratulate with you for you job, i really liked it and make me a smiling.
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Thanks for that christmas present, Did you know if there is any way to add a response pic into joyreactor's favorite?
Anyway thanks again, god bless the flat girls.
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The father may be dumb, but he got kungfu reflex to fix his mistake. i think there three kind of parents: smart, dumb and careful... even if still dumb.
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