Someone say dogs are better than people... meh! i doubt it.
Stalker Stalker16.07.201812:56responselink
Ooooh! so many naughty joke here.
Stalker Stalker 11.07.201814:57 response link
IDK what the original symbol mean, but the new one in headband isn't the same in the anime/manga.
Stalker Stalker 08.07.201800:43 response link
And the original issue was...?
Stalker Stalker 08.07.201800:38 response link
Soon i will be a kardashian. XD
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Oh!? i'm 30, this explain my no-sense post, i already run mad.
Stalker Stalker 04.07.201801:55 response link
at 80 when she don't even remember who she is due to have lose her sanity after decades of solitude.
Stalker Stalker 03.07.201801:29 response link
I think my teachers and school mates always look me in this way.
Stalker Stalker01.07.201815:08responselink
Sorry, i can't stop my self.
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