"Where i come from... this is also called silencer"
Stalker Stalker 18.05.201918:49 response link
...and Italy, off course.
Stalker Stalker 18.05.201903:25 response link
Guess if Adam's cats detected another ghost...
Stalker Stalker 16.05.201915:38 response link
CWC's sonichu is back, baby.
Stalker Stalker 07.05.201920:29 response link
Look like something pooped out from thepruld. XD
Stalker Stalker 26.04.201917:10 response link
I f*cking love "well pun".
Stalker Stalker 22.04.201916:31 response link
I do it with the ketchup and a-like sauces' squeeze bottle. :|
Stalker Stalker17.04.201921:54responselink
"Best interspecies orgy ever"
Stalker Stalker 15.04.201914:51 response link
Humankind is just so... pathetic.
Stalker Stalker09.04.201915:57responselink
I was wondering about begging is the same thing, a bowl with a "ask for money" tag. :/
Stalker Stalker06.04.201919:49responselink