Her birthday party should be awesome.
Stalker Stalker 19.08.201902:24 response link
You mean coffin? i definitively need one once died.
Stalker Stalker31.07.201923:58responselink
...aaaand i've made a typo by myself. i wanna fuking die.
Stalker Stalker31.07.201921:05responselink
I don't get it, "one" intendet as a person or just as a random typo?
Stalker Stalker31.07.201921:04responselink
Did u really believe people follow any kind of rules? c'mon dude, right now an 40 y old is fucking a 12 y old and nothing real happens.
Stalker Stalker 27.07.201918:19 response link
Nice way to waste wish when u can fly in Italy. age of consent is 14y, unless u still whant u 16y thing cause u have a milf fetish.
Stalker Stalker 24.07.201923:36 response link
If second to last panel got to be put out of context it may create endless of new funny stories...

Pidgeon pooped on his pants.
Boy jizzed in public.
pants on fire, pidgeon blowing to extinguish it.

Stalker Stalker 29.06.201902:35 response link
We think pets are so stupid... but we all look silly too to our pets.
Stalker Stalker 27.06.201917:12 response link
Still not the worst, good enough. ;)
Stalker Stalker14.06.201922:34responselink
I remember played it in a England's pub... i almost stab my own foot. :/
Stalker Stalker 05.06.201922:57 response link