WOW! i never believe chinese slaves are so cheap.
Stalker Stalker 21.09.201717:11 response link
Another way to see it, he is the orchard owner and all these people are robbing him.
Stalker Stalker 14.09.201720:12 response link
Goddamn OCD, it not allow me to enjoy what life have to offer. :'(

Stalker Stalker 13.09.201721:05 response link
It is just me or that boobs are unsymmetrical?
Stalker Stalker 13.09.201705:46 response link
Yeah! fidegeting before it was cool. XD
Stalker Stalker 12.09.201704:06 response link
I got one of these when i was really young, pretty popular back in time in my old beach's seafront. i think is still keeped somewere.
Stalker Stalker 11.09.201723:19 response link
Welcome to the club.
Stalker Stalker10.09.201723:50responselink
WE have, but THEY don't have.
Stalker Stalker10.09.201716:36responselink
Ok, at least one mistery got solved. XD
Stalker Stalker 08.09.201720:58 response link
I'm the only one wondering about the fake boobs?
Stalker Stalker 08.09.201716:27 response link