It is best with story about russians buying space rocket from usa
tea bag = full rocket too much $
tea bag without little paper = rocket without control panel /still too much $
tea bag without little paper and thread = rocket without control panel and fuel pump /still too much $
tea bag without little paper, thread and emptied = only rocket outer cover /deal
then ignite and after little countdown observe ppl reaction
Syader Syader 12.09.201716:52 response link
maybe ugly face?
Syader Syader12.09.201716:33responselink
I believe it is and its called Steampunk cosplay.
Syader Syader 01.09.201711:00 response link
but doesnt mythology makes harpy and mermaids into one thing?
Syader Syader19.08.201717:22responselink
are those voice actors?
Syader Syader12.08.201722:15responselink
Lol Pai (from virtua fighter) hairstyle XD
Syader Syader 09.06.201719:58 response link
that hand with gun at the end XD
Syader Syader12.05.201721:56responselink
so cute
Syader Syader 20.03.201722:02 response link
who is the artist of those crow/owl girl comics?
Syader Syader 19.03.201717:06 response link
come on i just finished eroico and am in 4th/5th chapter of captain claw. along with playing mmo and heavy metal f.a.a.k
okay thats next on list ;3
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