that hand with gun at the end XD
Syader Syader12.05.201721:56responselink
so cute
Syader Syader 20.03.201722:02 response link
who is the artist of those crow/owl girl comics?
Syader Syader 19.03.201717:06 response link
come on i just finished eroico and am in 4th/5th chapter of captain claw. along with playing mmo and heavy metal f.a.a.k
okay thats next on list ;3
Syader Syader13.03.201701:09responselink
well thats few ugly squirtles
Syader Syader13.01.201702:10responselink
why not? it shows you actually made flipbook unlike me or any other lazy person :p
Syader Syader 27.10.201601:12 response link
truth to be told it can be anything that involves mythical creatures, so blurry except of head that i think it is just lava worm with tail on left side of image.
Syader Syader31.08.201616:05responselink
he can. monster belly looks like its weakpoint. tho he might want to ride on his wreckage boat by locking harpoon in monster :)
Syader Syader31.08.201615:11responselink
aren't those two words? "have" and "not"?
Syader Syader 30.08.201615:32 response link
Another reason to be thankful for having spiders/bats/frogs/other animal eating insects. To bad it looks nice. like a boss for fairy.
Syader Syader 19.08.201615:19 response link