i was thinking she went mad about slap, but his hand is in different angle
Syader Syader21.07.201803:17responselink
try piercing damage weapon. or blunt boot
Syader Syader08.07.201818:55responselink
I wonder what i would be called while reading a book
Syader Syader01.07.201801:34responselink
how can you tell?
Syader Syader21.06.201821:54responselink
some ppl see no difference in ethnical group. pretty annoying if someone is complaining that actor is australian(one ethnicy) and guy in novel on which this film is based he is english(second)
Syader Syader08.06.201812:20responselink
5min of fame
Syader Syader01.06.201811:17responselink
but SW has giant universe
Syader Syader01.06.201811:14responselink
not really catching a joke here :/
Syader Syader13.05.201809:18responselink
Here we go again xd . Too bad gif ends so soon after catching off guard.
Syader Syader03.05.201811:03responselink
So jiggly. lack only wiggling jelly in background. :)
Syader Syader03.05.201801:57responselink