The way the comic is drawn i would rather suspect that in last panel guy would open her head and go in. And im glad that im wrong.
i think i might be corrupted by internet xD
Syader Syader16.02.201800:07responselink
my guess: this is starting point of shitstorm about taste in fetishes?
Syader Syader15.02.201819:45responselink
But why calculations author assumes man is aiming at open window?
Syader Syader 12.02.201812:28 response link
i think panic and "what do i do" question kicked in
Syader Syader02.02.201823:58responselink
If i had a cat i would have bruises and flying cat (propelled by any body part ;) )
Syader Syader19.01.201821:13responselink
Good luck with whatever you want to do next :)
Syader Syader21.12.201703:25responselink
A sheep that bork
Syader Syader 01.12.201703:02 response link
ugh what was its name. capu/capoo/capo/catbug
Syader Syader 10.11.201716:51 response link
Actually companies has to pay for legal winrar and other software because if they are visited by someone that cheks legality of software finds "pirate" version company has to pay huge money.
Syader Syader 19.10.201713:13 response link

go on modify it :P
Syader Syader 01.10.201701:38 response link