Ya, guess I haven't been feeling inspired. My motivation comes in waves.
Tanuda Tanuda 29.02.202019:14 response link
Only $2.78 and that's a great price!
Tanuda Tanuda28.02.202005:00responselink
Well, what is it then?
Tanuda Tanuda 18.01.202004:53 response link
LOL, so true. What is the world coming to?
Tanuda Tanuda18.01.202004:49responselink
As someone who grew up in New Mexico, Texans look out of place regardless. (Personal Feud)
Tanuda Tanuda18.01.202004:47responselink
So lame. +1 like :P
Tanuda Tanuda 18.01.202004:45 response link
You can do an image search if you want, even though those don't always find everything. The breasts didn't turn out so bad, but the left nipple is a little smaller. It was even smaller than it is now so I expanded it some. The right one I added that bit outside the bra which made it look larger. The bottom part, on the other hand, was more difficult. What you see is my second attempt after the first one looked too realistic. After all, the image doesn't look real, so to have realistic parts didn't look right. In the end, the bottom section looks more like a sketch than wet revealing panties. (shrugs) You learn.
Tanuda Tanuda 18.01.202004:37 response link
I think I'll stick with women, thanks
Tanuda Tanuda 18.01.202004:24 response link
That last girl tho...
Tanuda Tanuda 17.01.202009:57 response link
Alright, I stand corrected. Still not sure if some of those would be considered "senses" but I frankly don't feel like looking into it at the moment. You made some good points, though.
Tanuda Tanuda 17.01.202005:40 response link