Lazy the next Level
Thirteen90 Thirteen90 10.11.201723:17 response link
Why should they, the Kids would still just stare on their mobiles. These Smombies!
Thirteen90 Thirteen90 30.10.201717:53 response link
SO they have to live with that as well!
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You could think that there are multiple Loops put together
Thirteen90 Thirteen90 17.10.201718:10 response link
Its impossible to get such an Amount in one Bag, I tried!
Thirteen90 Thirteen9010.10.201717:26responselink
I do remember seeing a "Fail" tag on this site before
Thirteen90 Thirteen9009.10.201721:18responselink
The Dog should have come out of the Chest
Thirteen90 Thirteen9008.10.201715:12responselink
At least he won the Bet
Thirteen90 Thirteen9021.09.201719:59responselink
Please, not another FInal Destiantion
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Gute Erziehung kann uns mal aufMaestroTKifMY.MONimXK/Meine Bank
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