Todday Todday 17.02.201704:17 response link
WHAT A FUCKING CUNT!!!!!!!! this shouldn't even be on here fucken losers the guy and the person who posted it!
Todday Todday 17.02.201704:16 response link
Man people r stupid, instead of her thinking it was her partner who pranks her she probably thought it was demon bear...bet she believes in God as well.
Todday Todday 17.02.201704:13 response link
Good on her!!
Todday Todday21.10.201605:19responselink
Looks like a boat is just tied up to it.
Todday Todday 29.07.201605:53 response link
Todday Todday 13.04.201606:36 response link
love me a bit of Pareidolia
Todday Todday13.04.201605:59responselink
love it
Todday Todday 03.02.201604:58 response link
Batman's mom is dead*
Todday Todday 14.01.201605:35 response link
oh i see you have a hard on for Putin.
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