I would apply some wax.
Toreador Toreador13.09.201719:21responselink
lol! :))
Toreador Toreador10.09.201700:46responselink
haha, cool :))
Toreador Toreador07.09.201701:54responselink
@Ali: Wow, congrats! You certainly deserve a nice vacation, your contribution here on Joyreactor is enormous! Just make sure you keep raising the sequential visits, otherwise I'll beat you on that level! >:) We'll be looking forward to your return, take care! :)
Toreador Toreador05.09.201711:06responselink
creepy :))
Toreador Toreador04.09.201714:08responselink
what the..., is it safe? :D
Toreador Toreador23.08.201712:51responselink
That's just awesome!

Love the colour picker. :))
Toreador Toreador11.08.201716:50responselink
Indeed, so precise!
Toreador Toreador18.07.201723:58responselink
Toreador Toreador18.07.201723:52responselink
hahaha, nice one! :))
Toreador Toreador18.07.201702:19responselink