impressive! :)
Toreador Toreador10.01.201803:34responselink
hahaha, good one! :))
Toreador Toreador10.01.201803:32responselink
It looks delicious!
Toreador Toreador01.01.201814:13responselink
Happy holidays Ali! I think you should not stop at mere 1200 but go for 9999. :))
Toreador Toreador21.12.201701:21responselink
Awesome! :D
Toreador Toreador19.12.201722:48responselink
hahaha, hilarious! :))
Toreador Toreador17.12.201717:17responselink
Once they make it look and behave like a droid from Star Wars it will be cool, for now it's better to use a regular suitcase to have more room for stuff.
Toreador Toreador12.12.201710:15responselink
They might serve as a distraction from the reflection. :D
Toreador Toreador11.12.201713:13responselink
awesome! :))
Toreador Toreador07.12.201703:07responselink
Just started nier few days ago, so far so good!
Toreador Toreador04.12.201700:34responselink