Sort of.
Tunguska Tunguska 17.10.201620:02 response link
Tunguska Tunguska 16.10.201602:17 response link
Why isn't Leia here?
Tunguska Tunguska 11.10.201608:27 response link
Aye, she's called Alexi, great char btw.
Tunguska Tunguska05.10.201618:10responselink
I have seen this char around here, apparently from the same artist.
Tunguska Tunguska05.10.201607:30responselink
What a cutie.
Tunguska Tunguska 05.10.201605:09 response link
I refused to believe it was actually real... You have convinced me now.
Tunguska Tunguska 02.10.201621:55 response link
Love it.
Tunguska Tunguska 01.10.201623:54 response link
I feel you man, i might be king of bad jokes myself.
Tunguska Tunguska01.10.201608:09responselink
Love these pics, keep it up buddy!
Tunguska Tunguska 01.10.201603:09 response link