Can't tell if you're serious or stupid; clearly it's photoshopped
XiaoXao XiaoXao04.10.201816:14responselink
Source for research please
XiaoXao XiaoXao 03.10.201709:27 response link
Bottom left is JoJo's Bizarre Adventure
XiaoXao XiaoXao31.05.201606:16responselink
Yeah remember when Washington killed towns full of British civilians and declared 'Death to all British!'? That sure was something that didn't happen.
XiaoXao XiaoXao27.12.201520:00responselink
It is, and it's Rick and Morty mocking the 4th wall
XiaoXao XiaoXao09.09.201522:54responselink
RIP Roddy
XiaoXao XiaoXao09.08.201520:30responselink
Assassin's Creed makes two to three games just about every year. (22 games, 9 mainline 13 side story, in 8 years). They've over saturated their own market. COD can be bad, but they're 1 game every year, year and a half, and Mario has a mainline game produced once every few years and they're always quality, not the buggy pieces of garbage that Ubisoft games are.
XiaoXao XiaoXao17.06.201521:32responselink
I need it for reasons.
XiaoXao XiaoXao 09.06.201506:02 response link
Sinfest is the worst.
XiaoXao XiaoXao08.12.201419:39responselink
People making fun of people at Disneyland? Peter Pan LOOKING for people with self-harm scars? Sorry, I call bullshit.

I don't doubt the character actor is dedicated or that he's a very nice person. But this volume of stories is totally made up.
XiaoXao XiaoXao12.11.201419:30responselink