Vigorous swimming, like any extreme physical activity, is bad right after you eat. But there's nothing about water or swimming specifically that's harmful to do after eating.
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It's terrible. If you like Luc Basson, its alright, but its mind-numbing if you aren't a superfan.
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How would a civil service person be skilled enough to enter a small business? How would a small business support the needs of a government worker? Having a job =/= sustaining yourself, and government workers are typically paid very well. A small business, even with growth, wouldn't be enough to sustain someone who had a 401k and benefits working a government job. In fact, most small businesses aren't profitable for the first 5-7 years, and don't turn a livable profit until after 12 years. Even if they're 'scholared' that doesn't mean jobs will be instantly created for them, or that they will be as rewarding as they need to be for them.
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No it won't. That entire line of thinking is deeply flawed,civil service people do almost nothing to affect price levels. If you want prices lower to allow small companies to compete you make changes in production or sales, not the middle-management. That's basic business sense and has nothing to do with corporate capitalism.
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The Flash is faster. Its referenced multiple times in the comics that the Flash frequently holds back for Supes to keep pace.
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If we replaced 75% of civil service people with computeres where in the hell would those people go for jobs?
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In some cultures, its tradition to cut and alter the clitoris of girls when they're young to prevent them from enjoying sex, so they won't have a lot of it. Its a fucked up practice that's totally horrible.

Contrast this to Metal Gear Solid. A video game. About nanomachines and nuclear war.
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That's not a t-shirt. >.>
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He 'saw the light' and joined to fight the Patriarchy
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