I think its a joke about dog breeds. There's the German Shepard, French Bulldog, and the British Bulldog, which is actually really popular in America.

OOOOOR it might be a joke about the UK routinely backing American policy politically. Either or.
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Whats the anime?
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No BDSM or bondage tag? Should we make one?
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When is rape ever cool?
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It can be. It scales up to HD but it won't let you adjust them very well. Commercials are ALWAYS HD, even if that means loading 5 minutes for a 30 second ad.
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Probably. But technically, Fair Use lets them parody them to the Nth degree so....when is not clear.
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I think Juliet Starling when I see this
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Shame. I liked what Irrational put out, and they made awesome games. It sucks that this is how they end, but with hope they can find a way to become even better.
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