I hope they put the Spy's gear out next
XiaoXao XiaoXao 12.02.201409:33 response link
link to the gif
XiaoXao XiaoXao12.02.201400:10responselink
Meh I'm not worried. All fun and games, until someone gets piss thrown on them.
XiaoXao XiaoXao 08.02.201408:20 response link
My god, they take clear water and turn it into piss? Russia is more fucked up than I thought.
XiaoXao XiaoXao 08.02.201408:13 response link
1.) I don't know how you think you know my political affiliation from a silly comment about the well-documented contaminated water crisis in Sochi but H-OKAY GUY GUESS YOU WIN THAT ROUND

2.) That's all seawater. Like, from the sea. They can't drink that. You know that right? The water in the picture is from a tap in a 5-star hotel where Stacy St. Clair, Chicago Tribune reporter, is staying. Sochi's water is not drinkable, in layman's terms, FUCKED. When they have the money to carry a torch into space (for no reason other than....I guess?) they really should have invested some into water treatment facilities. Like, any water treatment facilities. Seriously, just one would probably be an improvement.
XiaoXao XiaoXao 08.02.201408:03 response link
"Guys, our water is fucked! How do we distract everyone from noticing?"
"I dunno...take the torch into space?"
"That's wasteful and stupid. Perfect."
XiaoXao XiaoXao 08.02.201407:33 response link
Textures look crisper, but its difficult to tell on the video. I'd buy it if there were other updates, control tweaks, and bug fixes.
XiaoXao XiaoXao 07.02.201422:50 response link
Woah! The image for "RobotGeek" is privately commissioned and for the site I used to work for (titled RobotGeek). Got a link for the source of the image?
XiaoXao XiaoXao 05.02.201405:25 response link