Just use the tools built into the site and all of the sudden....
XiaoXao XiaoXao 01.02.201422:02 response link
Just because you ask doesn't mean the devil will give it to you
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Except its not really. Its a good mish-mash of random stuff. I'm thankful there isn't that "Le french" crap from Reddit, even if we have to deal with shitty comics now and again. Now it seems we're in a dumb struggle for no reason. Can't we all waste time on the internets together?

I agree though, it'd be nice if the original artists were tagged, linked, or credited. What is this, FunnyJunk?
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Problem: I dislike something that is meticulously tagged for the expressed purpose of organizing what you do or don't see

Solution: Whine instead of fixing the problem yourself
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Why is this tagged 'nsfw'?
XiaoXao XiaoXao23.01.201401:35responselink

Found it on my own.... for reasons.
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Haha, is there a source?
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What even is this?
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