take every road & bridge leaving the bay area SF and dump it on one place on HWY 80, it would look similar.
Zyph88 Zyph88 25.09.202108:25 response link
nothing's wrong, pore the cement
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these guys aren't friends, in the end one is dinner.
Zyph88 Zyph88 12.08.202120:06 response link
He's wading when he should be swimming
Zyph88 Zyph88 14.05.202119:46 response link
but, does she bang?
Zyph88 Zyph8814.02.202101:28responselink
sauce, I need names
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14 y/o age of consent means that a parent or guardian of a 14-year-old can consent to them getting married.
16 y/o age of majority means that a 16-year-old is an adult and can make adult decisions.
Zyph88 Zyph88 26.07.201905:23 response link
Genie: I wish that the age of majority, marriage, and consent worldwide was 16 years-old unless a Country has a lower age.
Zyph88 Zyph88 24.07.201921:22 response link
Leia Amidala Skywalker?
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no one has sex for free, sex always costs something
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