so true
aaron0440 aaron0440 22.11.201303:19 response link
danm staright
aaron0440 aaron0440 22.11.201302:42 response link
incan troll in real life, not on the internet
aaron0440 aaron0440 21.11.201322:08 response link
yeah yo do, hey I only have two friends, can you be one:)
aaron0440 aaron0440 21.11.201320:10 response link
yes sir
aaron0440 aaron044021.11.201319:59responselink
yes sir, by the way, your jokes are funny then anything I could do, its a real honor that your actually reading them sir.
aaron0440 aaron0440 21.11.201319:45 response link
nope, but I got swag:)
aaron0440 aaron044021.11.201319:38responselink
exactly dude
aaron0440 aaron0440 21.11.201319:35 response link
the guy was a arny ranger.
aaron0440 aaron0440 21.11.201319:26 response link
A lot more infomational then wiki,
aaron0440 aaron0440 21.11.201303:33 response link