I like that thick booty
alcortje alcortje24.04.201802:17responselink
Howard was a great cartoon but as a movie...not so much.
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Hailey's all free and easy but I think I'd rather bang Megan and Lois together from Family Guy.
alcortje alcortje20.04.201822:56responselink
I think my dog would object to that.
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I need to do this at work next month!
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There is some really cool original art out there
alcortje alcortje01.03.201821:27responselink
That doesn't look like a sorting hat
alcortje alcortje27.02.201819:28responselink
I like the comic and it has some parallels to when I was in college and I had room mates like this.
alcortje alcortje25.02.201808:05responselink
Do you have more of her?
alcortje alcortje25.02.201804:21responselink