If she can make a sandwich and bring me beer I don't care how hard she is trying.
alcortje alcortje 10.07.201800:06 response link
Don't taze me bro
alcortje alcortje06.07.201817:21responselink
That is funny...probably get someone arrested but its still funny.
alcortje alcortje29.06.201805:19responselink
Is there a series to this one?
alcortje alcortje24.06.201803:54responselink
Who is she?
alcortje alcortje23.06.201801:12responselink
alcortje alcortje07.06.201817:05responselink
Johnny Cash "I walk the line" the cat in black
alcortje alcortje06.06.201818:14responselink
That's why I think this exceeded rotational speed...the clip that I see looks like high speed video slowed down. You can see one here
alcortje alcortje04.06.201807:14responselink
Assuming that it wasn't shot with something, I'd guess it exploded when the rpm exceeded some rotational speed. Happens with grinding wheels occasionally.
alcortje alcortje 03.06.201818:50 response link
This is a flying squirrel...
alcortje alcortje13.05.201818:00responselink