Not if you're a politician...
alcortje alcortje02.12.202002:57responselink
That pigeon is gangsta
alcortje alcortje02.12.202002:57responselink
I usually go by the old standard "...if there's grass on the field, play ball...."
alcortje alcortje01.12.202004:48responselink
Five guys is too expensive....almost $75 to feed the family.
alcortje alcortje01.12.202004:47responselink
Every neighborhood has that one child that you wonder about
alcortje alcortje 28.11.202016:49 response link
Well it doesn't look like the cables are connected to the battery so I'm going with no on changing a tire.
alcortje alcortje 28.11.202005:49 response link
At least their heads are warm....(As the say in Oklahoma, I know its wrong but I'm weak)
alcortje alcortje 26.11.202021:10 response link
...and the first thought is how the hell did they do that...?
alcortje alcortje 26.11.202018:12 response link
Looks like whatever they threw up there was probably conductive, shorted out across the power lines and instantly vaporized just like a fuse would. The resulting explosion blew the other two guys off the ladder and their feet. Lucky Darwin wannabes....
alcortje alcortje26.11.202004:19responselink
I like dat ass but those thighs scare me a bit
alcortje alcortje 25.11.202004:23 response link