alcortje alcortje 28.06.202004:34 response link
Fucking A Doodle....he's got skillz. Sign him!
alcortje alcortje 21.06.202000:44 response link
I could hope....
alcortje alcortje 20.06.202001:26 response link
"...and don't call me Shirley..."
alcortje alcortje 14.06.202019:20 response link
I like pizza
alcortje alcortje 14.06.202002:59 response link
I don't know about perfect but I do love them pierced tits.
alcortje alcortje11.06.202004:00responselink
If that was me I would be shopping for new underwear and skip the church.
alcortje alcortje 09.06.202005:39 response link
I'd let him finish because that's how I'd want to go. My wife ust doesn't approve.
alcortje alcortje09.06.202005:38responselink
Props to him for not flipping the bike over. I flipped my bike a few times doing shit like that.
alcortje alcortje 07.06.202017:38 response link
Uh...yeah....that's a "hard" no
alcortje alcortje 07.06.202006:37 response link