That will earn him a dick punch when they get home.
alcortje alcortje21.08.201718:27responselink
sorry, I don't have a name....wish I did though....
alcortje alcortje04.08.201719:03responselink
Used to be I just worried about kids with I got to worry about kids setting their junk on fire when they use the bathroom.
alcortje alcortje30.07.201719:17responselink
Reminds me of our last dog
alcortje alcortje24.07.201717:15responselink
Tony the Tiger is gluten sensitive?
alcortje alcortje20.07.201722:14responselink
Looks more like a little private ceremony for Kim Jong Un
alcortje alcortje19.07.201705:35responselink
Fucking A Doodle....I would do the same.
alcortje alcortje18.07.201701:32responselink
I don't know about Youtube but she is pretty famous as a porn star. She gets a lot of threats because she is Lebanese and kind of turned her back on Islam.
alcortje alcortje07.07.201705:19responselink
Taco Bell...
alcortje alcortje06.07.201703:52responselink
love those glasses.....
alcortje alcortje05.07.201704:42responselink