They got peanut butter, Baby Ruths, and Lucky Charms....should be all good. Oh and Synders Pretzel Bites....I'm cool
alcortje alcortje20.09.202101:57responselink
Pikachu...the later years...
alcortje alcortje20.09.202101:54responselink
I feel like meatwad some days
alcortje alcortje19.09.202121:03responselink
Love them titties...if you've seen one pair, you want to see them all.
alcortje alcortje19.09.202120:48responselink
Love those little landing strips
alcortje alcortje19.09.202119:52responselink
How does this get a dog tag...?
alcortje alcortje19.09.202119:44responselink
Nice shower tile....get that at Home Depot?
alcortje alcortje19.09.202119:33responselink
I thought those were fashionable ball bad.
alcortje alcortje19.09.202119:26responselink
I didn't recognize half of them and I don't see Wilma and Betty. Maybe this will help -
alcortje alcortje19.09.202118:47responselink