Korean Knievel!
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[insert long dong joke here]
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Sure, first woman that shows up to work in this outfit will sue ME for sexual harassment
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No one gives a piss poor damn if she has had plastic surgery or not...once she sticks those boobs in your face, you will forget what your name is.
link to the gif
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I don't mind some bush but I'm not a fan of overgrown jungles.
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Which library is this...? My friend needs to renew my library card.
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So the wife can see where you sprayed....;-)
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Either some people will eat anything or some things just taste like paper.
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Typical "jump" start for a TRIGA reactor...probably irradiating research samples
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it says -

Crippled man, put away your crutches and walk

But Jesus...

Fear nothing! Your belief in God will support you

Its Jesus being a dick....
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