These assholes tell me this isn't on my diet but I'm visiting my grandkids next week. They'll make me one of these.
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Its like watching Ron Jeremy peel off a condom....
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I'm not big on "fishing tackle" stuck in a woman's face either or other places. One or two pieces can be nice as long as it isn't over done. That ring in her nose is a little large for my taste.
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He does have a weird overbite like that retarded kid Donny....the one that used to eat the paste in school....high school.
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Crappy toy...? Hey I was so poor I didn't have toys to play with. I had to play with myself.
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Have you ever walked past the make up counter at the department store....?
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You know she's the girl for you when you fart and she says "....nice one..."
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A.A. Milne would be proud of such a font.
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