DAY-UM! Was I ay a rodeo years ago and saw a guy get gored but this guy is going to need some oxycodone.
alcortje alcortje26.04.201905:08responselink
So if I want her to shave my junk, will she sit on my face?
alcortje alcortje26.04.201905:07responselink
Just wait until it brake checks the autopilot behind you....
alcortje alcortje 24.04.201917:22 response link
wow someone really hated on this one....
alcortje alcortje 22.04.201905:18 response link
Judging by the outside of the geode I think it was polished into that shape.
alcortje alcortje 21.04.201900:40 response link
I love wet nipples and wet boobs
alcortje alcortje 17.04.201901:50 response link
"...when you can afford an Uber..."
alcortje alcortje 15.04.201920:00 response link
Well one look and I would say she is out of my league and pay scale
alcortje alcortje 14.04.201923:55 response link
"...we named our dog Egypt 'cause he leaves a pyramid in every room..." - Rodney Dangerfield
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I think that is more a matter of doing remake/reboots. Some movies you just can't do it that with. Madonna wanted to do a remake of "Casablanca" and Hollywood told her to piss off. There has been no reboots of "Casablanca", "Citizen Kane", or "Gone with the Wind" and so many others. On the other hand the Cohen Brothers remake of "True Grit" was praised highly in light of it more closely parallelling the book.
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