Different strokes for different folks...I like it but I can't please everyone. So I post for myself and I don't get in a twist about it.
alcortje alcortje 25.06.201722:54 response link
Japan gets a bullet train and we get this....
alcortje alcortje24.06.201700:40responselink
based on the background, it is a clip from "Ex-college girls do porn" so not sure she has a professional name.
alcortje alcortje 17.06.201723:47 response link
Someone is going to get a testicle caught in that thing.
alcortje alcortje 16.06.201722:43 response link
There is a local Chinese restaurant I like to go to for dinner. There isn't one Chinese person in the kitchen. The kitchen is staffed by six Mexican guys. That always cracks me up.
alcortje alcortje 23.05.201702:14 response link
Rubick's Roll....
alcortje alcortje 21.05.201704:07 response link
Now that is f'ing funny!
alcortje alcortje 20.05.201700:45 response link
If it came with a Fleshlight, I could marry it.
alcortje alcortje 18.05.201719:27 response link
Good chance but I didn't see any credit so I couldn't say for sure.
alcortje alcortje16.05.201716:37responselink
Love them tits!
alcortje alcortje 14.05.201721:17 response link