I could hang my hat and coat on those!
alcortje alcortje24.07.201904:14responselink
I love those nipples
alcortje alcortje23.07.201920:33responselink
Interesting observation....I hadn't notice that before but it is quite true.
alcortje alcortje 22.07.201901:41 response link
I would motorboat those floatation devices all day long!
alcortje alcortje 03.07.201916:55 response link
Boobies! I love boobies!
alcortje alcortje 03.07.201916:53 response link
LOve that ass. Wish there was more of this one.
alcortje alcortje 03.07.201916:52 response link
Love that ass.
alcortje alcortje 03.07.201916:52 response link
Welcome to Family Feud Everybody! I'm your man Steve Harvey!
alcortje alcortje02.07.201923:53responselink
Mac daddy needs a new suit. Those old pimp clothes are so 1970s.
alcortje alcortje 30.06.201918:01 response link
Hmmm....a vegetarian I see.
alcortje alcortje 28.06.201900:45 response link