This is actually two different cartoons from different artists on the same theme. I wasn't even sure people would get teh reference.
alcortje alcortje18.02.201905:45responselink
I have a"young" nephew that works for a well known big box retailer. He frequently comments about how low level drones don't get paid to think or innovate, just get shit done. He has had to leave things in aisles so that he can go to another part of the store and help complete some urge task. OTOH he has told me that some coworkers do this on purpose so that someone else can finish the job.
alcortje alcortje18.02.201902:55responselink
Now that is fucking funny....
alcortje alcortje18.02.201901:32responselink
Maybe we can petition JK Rowling to write one
alcortje alcortje01.02.201906:04responselink
No "ass biters" in kids movies either
alcortje alcortje29.01.201921:30responselink
Just don't ask what the gravy is then....
alcortje alcortje27.01.201922:16responselink
Exactly! There just aren't any real barbarians anymore....just civilized barbarians.
alcortje alcortje21.01.201904:25responselink
I didn't see that before but it looks more like an air rifle or perhaps someone left a custom small caliber rifle out. The overall effect to me looked like a replication of the alien space rider from the movie "Alien".
alcortje alcortje17.01.201921:14responselink
A lot of the "reality TV" crap is pretty scripted but I can't even bring myself to watch it. I watch reruns from teh 70's and I'm happy with that. Oh and Gilligan's Island because ....Ginger and Mary Ann making a sandwich with me is still high on my bucket list when time travel becomes a thing.
alcortje alcortje16.01.201918:34responselink
I wish Bob Barker would come back and punch Drew Carey and walk off with a couple of the models.
alcortje alcortje15.01.201918:59responselink