I think this is a webcam show and not a video in itself.
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I believe that you are correct.
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Hmmm....no love for Uhura I guess...
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Dude...have a puppy
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I suppose it depends on which religion you subscribe to on whether you will go to paradise or not. Most religions, including Islam, say that if you commit suicide you go to hell. However, if you are Islamic and you commit suicide while killing a non believer, during jihad, you will go to paradise. So committing suicide in paradise might get you purgatory, that place between heaven and hell, while they decide what to do with you. Unless you're Islamic, in which case you might go to hell, purgatory, or perhaps, if you killed a non believer in paradise while committing suicide you might get to go to a better paradise. Or you could just belong to the wrong religion therefore worship the wrong god and end up in hell to start with.
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You have to commit suicide to get to paradise
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Science is about to practice biology
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Probably a catholic school.
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Think I should hold out for a bionic blow job instead?
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