not sure if that is honesty or not but anything is worth a shot in this economy
alcortje alcortje 22.06.202203:44 response link
She's got a young Denise Richards look....and a lot of expensive dildos.
alcortje alcortje 22.06.202203:42 response link
WOW those abs!
alcortje alcortje 18.06.202205:44 response link
Ass like a beer keg....I'd tap it
alcortje alcortje 17.06.202204:05 response link
I love Patrick
alcortje alcortje 11.06.202204:40 response link
Red Rock Amphitheater...see this all the time there
alcortje alcortje 11.06.202204:37 response link a cartoon should be
alcortje alcortje 22.05.202221:44 response link
Должны быть сиськи и, может быть, маленькая киска, но сайт пережил тяжелые времена. Последние несколько месяцев у меня не было много времени, чтобы публиковать сообщения.
alcortje alcortje18.05.202205:11responselink
...and he wants to sell you insurance....
alcortje alcortje 13.05.202203:01 response link
Gonna show her my lightsaber
alcortje alcortje 08.05.202206:45 response link