geek meme dwarf ride 

r/JokesSenecaJnr 351dI saw my dwarf neighbor at a bus stop"Jump in, I'll give you a lift home" I said."Fuck off" he shouted back."What an ungrateful little cunt" I thought as I zipped up my backpack and continued my walk.,geek,meme,dwarf,ride
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art geek meme dog doggo apple pear pun 

Good doggo

What's disWhat's disDis an apple,art,beautiful pictures,geek,meme,dog,doggo,apple,pear,pun
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geek meme burn mariah carey christmas 

All I wanted was a blow job for Christmas

Chris Scott@iamchrisscottMariah Carey beginning with "I don't want a lot for Christmas" and then revealing she wants "you" is such a good burn,geek,meme,burn,mariah carey,christmas
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comics cartoon grinch christmas geek meme 

Like he was some politician or something

Maybe the Grinch would be nicer if every five minutes a dude wasn't singing songs about what a piece of shit he is,comics,funny comics & strips, cartoons,cartoon,grinch,christmas,geek,meme
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geek meme Trump nancy pelosi mom masturbation tv movies 

Aw geez....

Mom: Dont watch porn, it dehumanises females Me: Watches porn without femalesMom:You weren't supposed to do that,geek,meme,Trump,nancy pelosi,mom,masturbation,tv,movies
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geek meme mulan lion language movie 

What did you expect?

*AvWereliTexpecting Lion King to meow in the entire movie?,geek,meme,mulan,lion,language,movie
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geek truth men women gauges cars funny meme 

What's wrong....? Nothing....

Men can understand all these gauges but not their womanPretty sure its because the gauges actually tell us when something is wrong.,geek,truth,men,women,gauges,cars,funny,meme
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geek turkey birds timer conspiracy government meme 

remember to remove the transmitter out of your turkey so they cant track how many guests you have over,geek,turkey,birds,timer,conspiracy,government,meme
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art geek sleeping Star Wars fandoms pun Luke Skywalker meme 

Заголовок (необязательно)

For those that are always too hot, here's a sleeping bag that will keep you Luke warm,art,beautiful pictures,geek,sleeping,Star Wars,fandoms,pun,Luke Skywalker,meme
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geek meme bicycle lifehack carrot funny pictures 

Заголовок (необязательно)

nobody:life hack videos:,geek,meme,bicycle,lifehack,carrot,funny pictures
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