a note of Colombian culture. if you say POLA, you mean a beer.
biodan biodan 14.09.201722:57 response link
Why did she have to go through a swamp to get to her date?
biodan biodan 14.09.201722:50 response link
that's the attitude girl
biodan biodan14.09.201722:48responselink
nerd-like girls fascinate me.... :)
biodan biodan 14.09.201722:36 response link
Is not she Hana Mutou from the anime Captain Earth?
biodan biodan14.09.201718:35responselink
it's so cute that I would change my wife for her
biodan biodan 14.09.201718:28 response link
slap,slap,slap,slap... WOW
biodan biodan12.09.201700:26responselink
cute + glasses = WOW
biodan biodan 12.09.201700:19 response link
I`m not a cat fan person, but for her I would consider it, even make her my pet.
biodan biodan 11.09.201719:25 response link
I would let a ship like that sink me to deat
biodan biodan 16.09.201623:47 response link