She is Saeko Busujima from high school of the dead, in case some one wonders.
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Ha, a fact you say, well you have to learn to differentiate between what you want and what its real.
Because the reality it's that outside of your bubble there are lots of people who enjoy those movies and they are looking for more.
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Well I have news for you sunshine, even if disney made more money than warner last year, warner still its in the game and the dc movies are going to be their financial backbone, this year are going to be 2 movies and the next year probably are going to be 3.
So you have to deal with it, they won't disappear even if you cry.
That's the real fun my friends, I really meant it, my childhood was half tv and snes, and half running like a savage ending the day fully covered in dirt.
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I'm pretty sure its better if you put those on a daimakura instead of wore it, but again that's just me.
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Ryu ji hye if Im not mistaken
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ok, I want a hentai with the full content of that sex session, right now!.
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you don't need religion to bee an stupid asshole that do everything somebody tell you. You can for example see the french revolution and the great terror, but I agree the state and religion must be separated, and also I believe everybody should have right to profess their own believes.
of course in my opinion the important thing its prevent any institution, organisation or cult have to much power over the people.
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I guess I complain all the time about how annoying are those not atheists, makes him feel more smart. XD
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