dehill dehill 16.01.201605:07 response link
Is there a version without those animated things?
dehill dehill 15.01.201605:03 response link
Regular irons, yeah, but in this case paralyzing them is more effective :)
(Isn't she trying to straighten them, rather than curl? Medusas have usually curled "hair")
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Haha, clever one :D She electrocutes snakes so they don't wriggle and just hang unconcious
dehill dehill11.01.201603:39responselink
Every dentist says not to eat anything afterwards. And it goes away in about half hour :/
dehill dehill 30.12.201519:14 response link
Now he has to get out somehow
dehill dehill 19.12.201513:42 response link
Until cat dies...
dehill dehill 02.11.201521:32 response link
Oh, why are those things called hoverboards, for God's sake! There's NOTHING related to hovering!
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That last picture is perfect :D
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