Mozilla Firefox?
dehill dehill 18.07.201500:48 response link
Ja dopiero, nie wiem, pół roku? I muszę przyznać, że wrzucają tu całkiem dobry stuff; arty, gify, itp
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Where did you find it? Thats a fine art
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Ha! Rodak na JR :D
Btw. CeRgEjR, what is your native language/country? I'm curious too.
dehill dehill 16.07.201511:12 response link
Author is just on the picture
dehill dehill 16.07.201511:03 response link
I didn't watch it but it seems to me like the first image should be at the end (?)
dehill dehill28.06.201500:37responselink
Thanks Ali Heibi :)
dehill dehill 25.06.201519:01 response link
Wow, this GIF weighs... 114 MB?
Is there any video file of this scene?
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Heh, I remember when I was a kid I was riding my bicycle on some rocky road in the countryside and suddedly fell over.
I kinda badly cut my elbow on those rocks, but first thing I've done was to check whether the bike was okay :)
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