Azumi Nakama
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"Liquid" doesn't mean water. It's probably some mineral oil based liquid.

Just a random example of a mineral oil cooling setup.
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Yoshikawa Ren
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You know it's a hoax ?
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Burning man event i guess from the landscape

So it's not a beach but a desert.

And this is probably some piece of "art".
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Thanks ! it was pretty interesting :)
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1h39m30s My bad *

No i just checked the web for this info and give it all to you boys before this gif i didn't even know this movie ^^
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It's Marina Shiraishi in the DVD Star-526.
This moment is in SM part at 1H30m30s on a 3h20m movie.
i'm a good captain ? ;)
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gg !
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Rio Hamasaki if i'm not wrong :)
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