That is a great video capture! I've been to safari few times and never came across a cheetah. Saw lions up-close plenty times.
fazhar fazhar 17.07.201309:30 response link
I agree. Worth visiting. Living in dubai is completely different game. The inflation, traffic and hot weather gets to you.
fazhar fazhar17.07.201309:21responselink
yea this building exists :) its my favorite beach.
fazhar fazhar 27.06.201318:09 response link
like wow
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fazhar fazhar 26.06.201308:58 response link
I think its almost settled now. Abu Dhabi, the capital, provided the loans. And it was mostly settled by transferring the ownership of Dubai properties to Abu Dhabi.. like the Burj Khalifa. It was originally Burj Dubai, but the president of abu dhabi, mr. khalifa, financed its debt in return for taking ownership over it, hence named it Burj Khalifa. I believe the Emirates Airlines has also been taken over by Khalifa in Abu Dhabi, which was originally dubai's.
fazhar fazhar25.06.201316:22responselink
oh its completely over here. the huge developments are back on again. now theyre up to breaking more world records like expanding the worlds biggest mall, planning to build another tallest sky scraper, a mile long building, replicas of all wonders of the worlds, etc. etc. theyve got money like crazy.
fazhar fazhar25.06.201316:00responselink
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That project was never even commenced due to debt crises in Dubai in 2008. Was shocked to see the satellite image of something that doesn't exist.
fazhar fazhar25.06.201315:25responselink
What "revolution". I thought its a protest about the shortfalls in preparation for the world cup. Instead the people are trying to topple the government and destroy all the preps that have already been made.
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