Looks like a voice recorder.. Theres a microphone on her left shoulder as well. She's probably doing a video tutorial or blog
fazhar fazhar 24.04.201608:26 response link
O hell nope!
fazhar fazhar 10.04.201607:01 response link
Really? Did all those great comic artists make the same comic for 1st april ?
fazhar fazhar04.04.201606:57responselink
He did us all a favor by busting that boat
fazhar fazhar 27.03.201606:44 response link
looks like a mechanical orgy going on
fazhar fazhar 21.03.201608:17 response link
fazhar fazhar 17.03.201607:28 response link
Need to try this. They do it so easily in the films.
fazhar fazhar14.03.201615:10responselink
The dog seems to be good replacement for dad
fazhar fazhar25.02.201611:00responselink
fazhar fazhar25.02.201606:38responselink
looks like Axl Rose to me
fazhar fazhar19.01.201606:37responselink