trying too hard
gibsonav gibsonav 09.07.201817:01 response link
Well, his career's over
gibsonav gibsonav 09.07.201817:01 response link
"What's your costume?"
"I'm seizure man"
gibsonav gibsonav20.06.201815:00responselink
Mantis sucks at magic tricks
gibsonav gibsonav04.06.201814:07responselink
*Not available in Kansas*
gibsonav gibsonav 04.06.201814:03 response link
Bum fights training. Dog is cool as hell though
gibsonav gibsonav 04.06.201814:02 response link
And any facial bones?
gibsonav gibsonav 15.05.201813:09 response link
Ah, nothing like watching a libtard go down
gibsonav gibsonav 15.05.201812:58 response link
Shithole accidents
gibsonav gibsonav 07.05.201814:15 response link
Trigger the SJW Femenazi who will say the "person" filming is breaking the law some how and she's the "victim" of this staged video clip
gibsonav gibsonav 03.05.201817:12 response link