If it's Cardi then it's a WHORE NET
gibsonav gibsonav26.01.202112:40responselink
This was SO hard to fap to
gibsonav gibsonav26.01.202112:39responselink
Congratulations President Harris
(Too soon?)
gibsonav gibsonav26.01.202112:36responselink
Rule 34 bud, it's out there ;)
gibsonav gibsonav19.01.202111:03responselink
"Mr Freeze wuz here!"
gibsonav gibsonav12.01.202114:54responselink
today's forecast: 50/50?
gibsonav gibsonav12.01.202114:53responselink
Pretty much sums up what they're producing these days
gibsonav gibsonav12.01.202114:52responselink
his cock looks like it screws on. Sauce?
gibsonav gibsonav12.01.202114:39responselink