First it's pigs then...
Future donkey show star
gibsonav gibsonav23.04.201817:11responselink
(singing) "Spider cat, spider cat. Does whatever a Spider Cat does"
gibsonav gibsonav05.04.201817:05responselink
It's cuz he's white, isn't it
gibsonav gibsonav02.04.201815:09responselink
This will end well, I'm sure
gibsonav gibsonav29.03.201814:19responselink
Do you know what you call a fat chink? A chunk :)
gibsonav gibsonav28.03.201817:07responselink
Then apparently she's not as "devout" as previously mentioned ;)
And it's ironic how you make it HIS problem for recording her. SMH
gibsonav gibsonav20.03.201815:26responselink
When did this seem like a GOOD idea??
gibsonav gibsonav12.03.201814:18responselink
Any girl who drops trow for a joke is a keeper
gibsonav gibsonav06.03.201818:58responselink
Instant karma
gibsonav gibsonav05.03.201816:26responselink
Dumb ass walking in the street anyway
gibsonav gibsonav05.03.201816:25responselink