Aquaman like to surprise the kids sometimes
gibsonav gibsonav01.09.201714:44responselink
Yes. Lunch.
gibsonav gibsonav 21.08.201717:28 response link
They will be making another video shortly after that I'm sure her dad will be proud of ;) lol
gibsonav gibsonav24.07.201715:41responselink
Go home nature, you're drunk
gibsonav gibsonav 24.07.201715:41 response link
They look like special ed students
gibsonav gibsonav 24.07.201715:39 response link
Living roomba
gibsonav gibsonav 24.07.201715:39 response link
And that's the story I'm sticking to ;)
gibsonav gibsonav 30.06.201715:31 response link
I wanted to see how they cut it "free" but still cool
gibsonav gibsonav29.06.201715:04responselink
Whole new meaning to "trench run"
gibsonav gibsonav 29.06.201715:03 response link
Come one, don't act like it's not the first time you got paid to let this happen
gibsonav gibsonav 15.06.201716:19 response link