ah, so it's a girl.

Hmm, so i will post things like always;
those which are good for my personality.
granitex granitex20.01.201700:45responselink
How about art's like those?
should search for better ones?
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not bad,
granitex granitex 19.01.201722:41 response link
learn to browse,
click my nickname,
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first, wrong tags,
second, country balls msut be draw by yourself not with using circle tool.
third, old joke.
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Dunno, can't remember what i watched and whos was it.

Dr. strange was cool. MARVEL is cool, defenders of the galactic was good, and dont remember more good movies.
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I like any fantasy/ sci-fi/ supernatural/ CGI/ action/ zombie/ resident evil's... (will be new movie soon) / horros,

Hate: boring/ war/ detectives/ love stories(mostly) etc.
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huh, he is so right, i think i miss 6-14 movies about heroes etc.
granitex granitex16.01.201721:04responselink
probably nope,
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