well, i don't trust machines that much.
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maybe she was pushed and then pulled...
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i'm not sure but, they probably not sending swat to somone who stole sixpack of cola from market...

And if they knock to some gangster he will gona have time to take weapon and/or escape.
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Well, that's acctualy good and interesing video
i like wolfenstein. It's good remind this games.
granitex granitex 01.06.201813:35 response link
lol xD

How deep you are searching for her so you found stuffs like this :D
granitex granitex 01.06.201813:18 response link
Wstyd, że ktoś w ogóle taki obrazek robi.
granitex granitex 29.05.201810:00 response link
evolution of lineage*
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this reminds me soldat game.
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