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Rough Break up
Mandies boyfriend was a hot sexy btch f a boyfrend and she lved him.Or so she thought.Her boyfriend(Alex) had a problem.He got angry very easily and always was screaming shouting at her taking all his anger out at her.One day she was in her living room and Alex was screaming at her.She had had enough."FUCKYOU!"She suddenly screamed."Im sick and tired of you treating me like this!Were done!"She screamed in his face.ALex blinked in suprise and stared at me then suddenlyturned walking up stairs.i glared at his ack ad turned and befre icould sit down i heard a bang and a crash and i jumped uprunning upstairs.She threw open her bedroom door and glared at her boyfrend.He was standing in the middle f her nw trashed room."WHAT HAVE YOU DONE!?!"she screamed.Alex gtowled and launched forward grabing me ad slamming me against the wall pinning me by my arms and his lips slammed against mine.i gasped in suprse ad couldnt help but moan when he shoved his tounge down my throat.I felt him rip my pants and shirt and i frowned."Thats my fav…"i couldnt finish because Aex shoved his pants and bxers and my ra f and shved me onto the bed.i winced feeling something dig into my back.He didnt seem to notice sice he tre my underwear of and roughly grabed my hips and i screamed when he dick slammed hard inside me.It was so quick and icouldnt stop it now.It felt so good.I screamed when e started to fuck me pounding so hard ithought i was going to split.He growled and slammed his dick in and out of me i cryed out ripping at the sheets.He suddenly pulled down nd frced me to bend over the bed.I winced again feeling my knee hitsoething but didnt have time to mve t when he slammed his dick in my asshole.i shrieked in pain and maned when he started to fuck.His dick was so huge and my hole was so small .He sed up pounding me like it was nthing.I screamed punching the bed.He was fucking me like it was a
hs last time eventhough it was.I grwled.Damn...he muttered but e diddnt stop until he cummed and he suddenly pulled out and stood walking ver to the wall then started punching it with his fist.I wealy got up and limped over to him grabing his arm befre he could punch it again.He swung around and grabed my leg lifting it a little to high andslammed his dick in my pussy again.i moaned and gripped me and we started moving around fucking on random surfaces.We dd this for amost four hours cumming and screaming as he fucked my ass and pussy.He suddenly stopped and got up ad got dressed.He grabed a picture f us and left leaving me naked in my room dying for more.I siged and limply got dressed walked down stairs and watched him drive of...
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A boy catching his parents fucking each other in the bedroom.The mom was yelling fuck my pussy!
The dad was shouting grind my dick!
The boy asked.Mommy?Daddy?What does Pussy and Dick mean?
The parents said Coats and Hats

The boy heardhis parents fighting.
Boy:Mommy?Daddy?What does Bitches and Bastard mean?
Mom and Dad:Ladies and Gentleman

The next day the little family had comany.There Relatives were coming!The boy opened the door for them and started saying…
Boy:Alrght you Bitches and Bastards!Hang your dicks and pussies on the hooks and come sit down! :) want anything to drink?
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