Rukanishu artist The Elder Scrolls games Nix-Hound 

who is my nix? Who's my little good nix? Who protects me from rats? (joyful nyx sounds)
 flOU/U fl fi FH Ifiop <oLU U U K C9T n2 fl Ut, U UL fl ET/U F h flK fi? b!rA OC 1 H b! F3 BVK uht ifi c fi.,Rukanishu,artist,The Elder Scrolls,games,Nix-Hound
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Rukanishu artist The Elder Scrolls games Dwemer 

Rukanishu,artist,The Elder Scrolls,games,Dwemer

>( /X,Rukanishu,artist,The Elder Scrolls,games,Dwemer

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handmade techniphilia necrotechnophilia 

I know this post doesn't quite fit today's event. But, unfortunately, I can’t draw, my nephews got to ship models, and my main hobby is connected with retro technology and techno freak. So. Got into my hands PCI-IDE raid FastTrak TX4000

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And he would lie there for a long time until my school decided to dispose of the computer class. So I ended up with ten 40GB Seagates

 1\1 pS^f 1 w|,handmade,techniphilia,necrotechnophilia

Unfortunately, the power supply can only draw six of them at a time.
Channe1 : ID 1 :MAS1:SLA2:MAS3:MAS3:SLA4:MASDrive Model ST340014A ST340014A ST340014A ST340014A ST340014A ST340014ACapacity (MB) 40020 4002040019400204001940020Assignment Array 1 Array 1 Array 1 Array 1 Array 1 Array 1=[ Keys Available D=[ESC] ExitMode (D - DMA, U a UDMA)07.02.2022

33DMark330Mark20003DMark200l SEpfgFoxit Reader1ArtMoneyDRP 14.10V2200Ci^j^gygjCTeMby% | ^ _ B9I) |>|X ^ S (j^j {|jj ) j^ 0 jg E 1 (:) NTFS CO-ROM j DVD CD:)' ; ; ',! |'|)| 'C^CD-ROM I1 CD-ROM (:) :Microsoft Windows Professional 2002 Service Pack 3 () 223,61

So I got a machine for old games with disk loading speeds close to SSD
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Rukanishu artist Everlasting summer Ulyana (ES) erotic picture 

Rukanishu,artist,Everlasting summer,Ulyana (ES),erotic picture
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Rukanishu artist 



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Rukanishu artist Everlasting summer Slavya (ES) 

Rukanishu,artist,Everlasting summer,Slavya (ES)
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Rukanishu artist fairy 



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Rukanishu artist erotic picture Harpy 

Rukanishu,artist,erotic picture,Harpy
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Rukanishu artist Harley Quinn DC Comics fandoms Joker mask 

-Blow it?
Rukanishu,artist,Harley Quinn,DC Comics,fandoms,Joker,mask
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Rukanishu artist Touhou Project anime 

Rukanishu,artist,Touhou Project,Anime Tenchou x Touhou Project, Project Shrine Maiden,anime

I .vf'* . |@^? V/ t* . ^' -..4 V: ^. 'N - , SgS'-y;r.),Rukanishu,artist,Touhou Project,Anime Tenchou x Touhou Project, Project Shrine Maiden,anime

i'm so clumsy...
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