I'll be away for a while...
iggd iggd07.02.202218:56responselink
I had an a1 format poster with the first photo at the beginning of the 2000s =)
iggd iggd 07.02.202218:54 response link
and I'll try to get an annual medal here =)
iggd iggd 07.02.202218:04 response link
ah, I remember this one =)
iggd iggd07.02.202217:41responselink
like an aircraft carrier?
iggd iggd07.02.202217:33responselink
my father once wrote out and put them in a folder for me =) only I copied the patterns through carbon paper and eventually ruined all the magazines even before I had an affordable machine
iggd iggd07.02.202217:20responselink
Oh, I remember some of them in separate posts on .cc =)
iggd iggd07.02.202207:02responselink
*not enough
iggd iggd 07.02.202205:31 response link
I don't think so, a white coat is enough
iggd iggd 07.02.202205:30 response link
У меня кот однажды вот также принюхивался к котлетам а потом как сиганул передними лапами на конфорку. Я его потом месяц выхаживал =(
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