By this Gov trying to say: "Why don`t you be homless somewhere else!"
laggan13 laggan1308.04.202116:04responselink
This is not the right place to shit. Never the less i`m fine with it
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What`s her name Cap? For research purpose
laggan13 laggan1326.01.202023:37responselink
She looks like ...he
laggan13 laggan1329.09.201819:17responselink
You Dog Damn Right!
laggan13 laggan1305.09.201815:23responselink
Iron Man`s face at the moment
laggan13 laggan13 06.07.201800:36 response link
Well yes. As you may know every person`s face is not symmetric on 100%. And there is also saying that the more each side looks alike other side - the more atractive face looks. But as we can see - her face is not symmetric but the source picture looks great! =\
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Here is two sides of this oicture simmetry mirrored and combined
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You are confusing freedom of speech with propaganda or lie. If you posted it without knowing it is fake - you are the victim of someones propaganda. If you posted knowing it`s fake. you lied, and the cause you did it migth be propaganda. Anyway - no matches with freedom of speech.
It is entertainment portal. This discussion is more then enought.
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