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Angels VS Humans VS Demons

Service to othersje.hmansH4+<*,wtf,angels,humans,demons,love,hate
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wtf anime week calendar 

WTF (middle of the week)

456789111213141516171819mahe donation20watchdawn21read a booh22mahe a poem23eatvegan food24familytime25mahe a new friend26yoga27watchsunset28no internet at all29smell a flower30go to nature31watchstarsJanuary 2015,wtf,anime,week,calendar
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earth stargates locations new age wtf 

Earth's Stargates (locations)

1 Hailey (Antartica)2 Sarasota (Florida)3 Bermuda islands4 Giza (Egypt)5 Machu Picchu (Peru)6 Moscow (Russia)7 Lake Titicaca (Peru)8 Xian (China)9 Bam Tso (China/Tibet)10 Abadan (Iran),earth,stargates,locations,new age,wtf
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