This shit disturbing as fuck and it's almost Thanksgiving

Oh Hell Nah
moo_roar moo_roar 24.11.202021:07 response link
Pale bitties

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These photos really scare me
Death defying, skyscrapers, holding on for life
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I got my mask and each one of these nerf bottles has hand sanitizer

I'm ready for Thanksgiving
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I kept thinking this is a gif, I'm waiting for it to start moving lmfao

Seems like he got caught cheating
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Won't be all that artistic if the owl doo doo all on her neck

Or will it look even better
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Oh okay cool, I thought you would say tumblr. Just surprised you are not on reddit. I am here and there on reddit, just lurker liking pictures, closed my account. Back to lurking ^_^
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Mr. Hinoron are you on reddit or other forums?

Just asking
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I just started licking my phone
moo_roar moo_roar 21.11.202005:17 response link
Dem nips can poke an eye out
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