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Gotta go fast and play the saxophone

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o 02-UK ^10:03^ Q SearchO' 98% Hi'Rob DenBleyker9 hours ago A cop just killed my GTA V character even though he's white. Anyone else experiencing this bug?it LikepComment^Share58,163 people like this.S Trevor Saint McGood-BodyHow did you get that far? I got arrested outside of Gamestop going to buy
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Mortal Basketball

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Twerk It

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The power of the Dark Hadow not only corrupts the mind of the warrior that wields it but it also destroys his physical body eventually reducing it to ash. Even Akuma's godly strength and indomitable will fell prey to it's destructive energy. As a result, Akuma lost his body, and his savage spirit

Balrog always felt that every time he would face an oppo* nent that used grappling ho would loose the upper hand In the fight. And even though over the years he developed a few techniques of his own to deal with grapplers and wrestlers those victories were not easy ones. So eventually he decided to

After he learned of Ryu's condition Sagat was furious and frustrated. He felt cheated out by fate of the chance for a rematch with his most fearsome opponent and there was nothing he could do about it. For a while he left the Thai 8oxing and street fighting scene, since there was no opponent strong

Blanka was overflown with joy after reuniting with his long lost mother. Seeing that she was always anxious and concerned for his well being, due to his street fighting life style, he decided to make a few changes. With the help of his mother's boyfriend, who was a manager at the Brazilian division

It was the end of Vega as we knew him when he crossed paths with the rampaging Ryu. The mad warrior simply ripped apart the narcissistic Spanish matador leaving behind a smoldering carcass of what once used to be Bison's right hand man. But Bison saw this as an opportunity to test his new tech of

The man known as Ryu no longer exists. The power of the Dark Hadou has destroyed the soul of the ultimate street fighter leaving behind a demented empty shell that rages with uncontrolled ferocity, making it the perfect vessel for Akuma's evil spirit. Knowing that, Ken Masters has hidden what was

Fate, it would seem, has played a cruel joke with Col. Guile. One of his signature and most fearsome attack moves, the "Sonic Boom" became the reason for his complete loss of hearing. As a result of that Guile got discharged from the Air Force. And to make matters worse, during the process of the

One can only imagine what sort of dark thoughts were going through Chun-Li's mind, when she discovered that the person who betrayed her father and made it possible for Bison to kill him, was an Interpol high ranking officer. She found the traitor and dealt him his fate, but her trust in the

All of Japan's underworld has to pay heed to the now Oyabun. For the Yakuza clans have been all united under the heavy palm of Edmond Honda. Frustrated at the inability of the police and the military to prevent Shadaloo's expansion in to his beloved country, Honda decided to take maters into his

Zangief has found God. Or, for one thing that is certain, he went looking for one. What was the strange turn of events that pushed the "Red Cyclone" to start looking for spiritual enlightenment? Was it his recent encounter with Dhalsim, who finally, through his Yoga powers, was able to reach

After suffering a crashing and humiliating defeat at the hands of Cyber Vega, and barely escaping with his life, Fei Long disappeared from the fighting scene and off the screens of movie theaters. For 3 years there has been no news of him until his recent reappearance in one of the street fighting

Cammy White has become Killer Bee once again. This time permanently it soems. The reasoning behind hor decision is unclear. But the recent few murders of some top officials from different countries around the world that were most active in their fight against Shadaloo has shown that her new found

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