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gaming in the bathroom

ooo AT&T LTE [VPN]10:04 AM@> % 94%^ Messages (3) Jake^ v Teh Dog Detailsloday 9:38 AMA GUY DRESSED AS MARIO SET UP SMASH BROS IN THE UPSTAIRS BOYS BATHROOM!!!!THIS IS REAL OH MY GODSubjectMessage,funny pictures,video games
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o 02-UK ^10:03^ Q SearchO' 98% Hi'Rob DenBleyker9 hours ago A cop just killed my GTA V character even though he's white. Anyone else experiencing this bug?it LikepComment^Share58,163 people like this.S Trevor Saint McGood-BodyHow did you get that far? I got arrested outside of Gamestop going to buy
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force power

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Helen Keller the Video Game

Step 1: Design cover art for a game that would never exist and shock people if they<DoCOOcGCOa8bAriala.Unr,..* !! Ia- *i!ui1.4 i i-_ Z J,video games,funny

Step 2: Print a lot of copies.,video games,funny


Dive into the dark world fffSFen KBJOvercome obstacles such as stairs, walls, and rearranged furniture!Beat the odds by not falling down.Enjoy the sensation of touch as your controller vibrates when you run into the table!MIND NUMBING SILENCEAUTHENTIC HELEN KELLER EXPERIENCETHE MOST DESTRUCTIBLE

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Step 3: Drop them off in stores and wait for people to find them.,video games,funny

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