Two problems there:
1) Both are men.
2) Rocky is a grey squirrel, not a red squirrel.
mooglefox mooglefox 26.07.202016:20 response link
Yeah, that is a guy. Just look at the legs.
mooglefox mooglefox 18.06.202019:32 response link
Damn! $2 for one play?
mooglefox mooglefox09.03.202015:21responselink
Is it just me, or does it look a lot like Homer Simpson?
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Why does she have two dicks?
mooglefox mooglefox16.02.202020:24responselink
Looks like a Diglett to me.
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Has anyone noticed that those to guys are the creators of Mario and Zelda?
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Don't know why there is a Black Lagoon tag in this; these are the girls from the Resident Evil series. From left to right, it is: Jill Valentine, Sheva Alomar, Clair Redfield, Rebecca Chambers, and Ada Wong.
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Is it just me, or did she gain more body?
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That is a ferret, not an otter.
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