That's it. Fuck all you dickheads and these fat, ugly hoes. A looooooong time ago, this site was awesome. Not just because of the girls, but because the posts used to be much more plentiful and diverse. This shit sucks now, which is why I guess so many people stopped coming here. All 37 of you assholes that still visit this site can suck my balls. I'm out.
ohhellno ohhellno21.10.202122:19responselink
Jesus fuck, man. Why do I keep having to see such nasty shit on this site now? You guys used to post attractive girls, now there's nothing but a bunch of goddamn fat-asses. This shit is fucking disgusting. You people suck.
ohhellno ohhellno 16.10.202121:51 response link
fucking fatass yet again
ohhellno ohhellno 15.10.202122:16 response link
butters face?
ohhellno ohhellno 14.10.202121:55 response link
fucking gross
ohhellno ohhellno 14.10.202121:55 response link
fuck you
ohhellno ohhellno 13.10.202122:01 response link
What the fuck is "seamon??" Do you mean semen? I hope not, because that fuck ugly bitch couldn't pay me to give her any.
ohhellno ohhellno 08.10.202121:41 response link
Fuck you, Brittany. Super Troopers is fucking awesome.
ohhellno ohhellno 06.10.202122:31 response link
That looks like a goddamn man. You people are fucking idiots, and this website fucking sucks.
ohhellno ohhellno 28.09.202121:57 response link