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Sing It

i?3 schmergoSome witches once told me The throne was gonna hold me I'm not the sharpest tool in the shed.They were looking kind of weirdThey were women but with beardsAnd they said there'd be a crown upon my headSee a dagger coming and it won't stop coming Home to my wife and we murder King Duncan
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geek,meme,funny pictures,mom,cow,insult
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Teacher: Give An Example Of A Business Failure Due To Careless Management?Me : A Prostitute Getting Pregnant.Teacher: Leave My Class.,meme,funny pictures,business,fail
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Parkour gone wrong

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Breakfast or porn?

i I shauna of fcl @goldengateblondhello and welcome to "Snack or Porn Title," I'm your hostGranola Bars.momsIN THE RAW &Only the good stuff-,funny pictures,advertising,breakfast,porn,funny porn and fucking images, doing sex jokes, xxx,twitter
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Fail or just a WTF moment?

funny pictures,geek,feet,nails,wtf,driving,driver,fail
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geek,funny pictures,news,anime,breasts
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