When you hit it from behind you don't even notice the hat
roachclip roachclip 09.07.201823:55 response link
"...Damn it people...I said leave the box at home. It attracts cats...."
roachclip roachclip 04.07.201822:43 response link
I used to buy plastic ants and spiders, fill my pockets, and drop them places I used to go. Airplanes, restaurants, school, bars...great fun.
roachclip roachclip 04.07.201822:41 response link
...nothing I like better than some wet pussy in the grass...
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Might want to add ecchi and nsfw tags
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That would be cool if it was a pasta printer
roachclip roachclip 08.06.201818:42 response link
Don't know. It showed up in my newsfeed from another site.
roachclip roachclip 10.05.201822:22 response link
That's called "I haven't done dishes in two weeks"
roachclip roachclip 06.05.201823:19 response link
Ratman..he'll crap down your chimney
roachclip roachclip03.05.201821:56responselink
I dated a Korean girl for a while early in college. Then I met her parents and I was outta there.
roachclip roachclip03.05.201821:54responselink