Headline - Squirrel busts nut
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It's the mark of the devil
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Who has room for shit like that? I'd have to sleep on top of that thing.
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I want KFC too and Taco Bell
roachclip roachclip 28.08.202005:12 response link
Stick it in her ass and she's never tell you how little it is
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Gordon looks like he has seen some weird shit
roachclip roachclip15.08.202022:34responselink
Or you could just park the car in her vagina
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You see that cat has a collar and harness
roachclip roachclip 10.08.202004:35 response link
Talking smack about statues and shit
roachclip roachclip10.08.202004:34responselink
Wife and kids...?
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