geek meme bed bedroom man woman ants ant smell fart 

Girl: He's probably thinking about other women...Boy: Since ants navigate by smell, if I fart on them, will they think its a flash bang?/,geek,meme,bed,bedroom,man,woman,ants,ant,smell,fart
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geek meme funny pictures doctor writing 

And then I said/,geek,meme,funny pictures,doctor,writing
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art geek homies blunt joint marijuana funny pictures meme 

When you so high you accidentally roll your homie up into a joint,art,beautiful pictures,geek,homies,blunt,joint,marijuana,funny pictures,meme
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art geek funny pictures meme werewolf gay moon 

-J.>Wow, its a perfect moon for a werewolf to come outA_ 2M32mftSC:mgay,art,beautiful pictures,geek,funny pictures,meme,werewolf,gay,moon
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comics War and Peas religion photoshop meme 

What is your Transgression?Forgive me father, For I have sinnedI laugh at memes and don't upvote'That is unforgivable,comics,funny comics & strips, cartoons,War and Peas,religion,photoshop,meme
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geek movie karate johnny girlfriend sweep the leg meme funny pictures 

Sweep the leg

geek,movie,karate,johnny,girlfriend,sweep the leg,meme,funny pictures
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meme advertising Alien sapiens reverse funny pictures art 

meme,advertising,Alien,sapiens,reverse,funny pictures,art,beautiful pictures
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meme song macbeth Shakespeare All Star Smash Mouth mashups 

Sing It

i?3 schmergoSome witches once told me The throne was gonna hold me I'm not the sharpest tool in the shed.They were looking kind of weirdThey were women but with beardsAnd they said there'd be a crown upon my headSee a dagger coming and it won't stop coming Home to my wife and we murder King Duncan
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geek meme funny pictures mom cow insult 

geek,meme,funny pictures,mom,cow,insult
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meme funny pictures business fail 

Teacher: Give An Example Of A Business Failure Due To Careless Management?Me : A Prostitute Getting Pregnant.Teacher: Leave My Class.,meme,funny pictures,business,fail
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