meme text twitter vibrator bees 

Kyle@KylePlantEmojiV/The other passengers on the bus stare at me. I think they can hear the vibrator in my ass"Those are my emotional support bees", I insist.This reassures no one8/26/18,14:10,meme,text,twitter,vibrator,bees
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meme Star Wars fandoms airplane Shirley Count Dooku obi wan kenobi 

% ;1 iy eahodg"My,meme,Star Wars,fandoms,airplane,Shirley,Count Dooku,obi wan kenobi
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funny pictures geek fish fishing double bikini woman meme 

9 ^ v Reply Share .alucarD Tzompantli + MegzTheCharmer2.0 4 minutes agoThat's how they get Red Snapper.MegzTheCharmer2.0 15 minutes ago,funny pictures,geek,fish,fishing,double,bikini,woman,meme
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meme twitter ai EA software oral science geek 

MOTHERBOARDVICE.COMScientists Processed 109 Hours of Oral Sex to Develop an Al that Sucks DickShould have called EA they been making software that sucks dick for years.,meme,twitter,ai,EA,software,oral,science,smart jokes for clever people,geek
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funny pictures meme cops police drugs 

^Mamdofo'mitfstepping out f>tlw,an^e!F^looKitordr,uas)f '1.I&510,,funny pictures,meme,cops,police,drugs
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meme screwdriver knife 

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funny pictures meme Han Solo Star Wars fandoms pregnant 3d picture blind mom 

Doctors made a 3d print of an ultrasound for an expecting mother who is blind,funny pictures,meme,Han Solo,Star Wars,fandoms,pregnant,3d picture,blind,mom
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meme emperor masturbation news cops meth 

The Force is strong with this one

Meth user fights off 15 police officers while masturbating in barO Metro News Reporter Tuesday 31 Dec 201310:20 am\!IThe dark side of the Fcroe is a pathway to many abilities j some consider to be unnatural.,meme,emperor,masturbation,news,cops,meth
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meme funny pictures tattoo retarded face rage comics comics public service announcement 

WTVR CBS 6 Richmond 0@CBS6Woman who got an eyeball tattoo may lose her eye, now shes warning others @AttackOnTiddysNo need to warn me I'm not retarded,meme,funny pictures,tattoo,retarded face,rage comics,comics,funny comics & strips, cartoons,public service announcement
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look what I found in my mother's roomWhat's The Move?@TaqeeBondAye man, I wouldn't watch that if I were you,meme,camera,your mom
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