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Number 1541 : There Really Are Hot OnesDo you see panties anywhere?Nope, nope, nope.. she's nob in the sophoMore class.Arebheseyours?Ooh, ooh, bhab's her/ Cosebbe Wurf bob/I KNEW she had a weird , I jusb cooidn't it!yeah, fchanks/M-Marben. N ice to you. What, uh, whab do you sbudy? Annebbe, by
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Um, Maybe you should have soMething else-Pinner's at. six, drinks until thenExcellent/ 4WUP I CAN PO ITIt's...peaty?r Is that the right word?But there's also soMe vanilla and caraMei in there. And Maybe . a little bit oP...oid leather? ^That's weird. Uast night it just tasted like horrible
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Number 3235: Water ResistanceThank youPor your help. Uenee doesn't trust you, Put I fchink v you're all right, yThanks. I'm, uh, happy to help.' I'm going ^ to shower need to V leave. >y-yeah, oP courseSo, um, iP there's anything else you need, or ip~ ip you wanna hang out soMetiMe, here's
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Number 1528: Not Just A ClicheOh, sousute'kuuvun.All right!, here we go! Five dollars Por a picture, ten dollars Por a hug ProM the Magical Love dentleManS Single Pile, please/Shit, she threw a clot!AMU!I'll go get More paper . towels/l 'M m'W jpr W m &[,comics,funny comics & strips,
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