I don't understand any of those "words," and if I could downvote more than once, I would. Just being honest...
rwalker151 rwalker15108.01.202323:44responselink
*shuts down Chrome, opens Brave and uses DuckDuckGo*
rwalker151 rwalker15128.12.202223:35responselink
This is... well, it is what it is, but it's also the exact same photo, just flipped. Did the other side get mucked up?
rwalker151 rwalker15128.12.202223:31responselink
TF is a "Chile me?" Is she Chilean?
rwalker151 rwalker15124.12.202221:05responselink
Who says pro-wrestling is fake?
rwalker151 rwalker15104.12.202222:39responselink
Probably the best day of his life. Rock on, bro.
rwalker151 rwalker15103.12.202222:25responselink
Pro-wrestling matches are not so much "fake" as they are scripted. That said, I'd pay cash to be the girl in blue.
rwalker151 rwalker15128.11.202222:29responselink
He looks like he's excited to have been caught and can't wait to find out what happens next. He's hoping it's butt stuff.
rwalker151 rwalker15126.11.202201:55responselink
Virgin teen idiots on reddit who wanted to feel like they actually had friends and were part of a group (and also acquired an alliteration affinity.) They're unable to grow facial hair for Movember, so they wanted to see if they could stop masturbating so much.
rwalker151 rwalker15106.11.202221:28responselink
What caption? Your caption? Tf are you talking about, deshawn?
rwalker151 rwalker15130.10.202221:19responselink