I'm a Georgian caucasian, but alas, I don't live in Caucasian Georgia. I'm American, but don't hold that against me. I love hamburgers (who doesn't?) but I don't own a gun and I didn't vote for Trump.
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This was taken right before the second bullet.
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Georgia or Georgia? It's probably Georgia. I live in Georgia.
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goobl plez
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Don't worry, my dudes. This fella never had a girlfriend in his life. I can tell because 4chan.
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do me
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"Talmbout???" That's a new one for me, and now I'm just a little more dumb for having read it. Stupidity like that spreads like a disease. It's not even an original joke. Asshat.
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What about grapefruits?
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Does that mean "oranges" is French for "oranges?"
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The fuck are "bananes?"
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