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wow. I did not know that. He played guy in robin hood, right? The series
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I didn't h=get why Frodo was all like aaaaaaa eeeeeee ive ben stabbed and then was perfectly fine. Was he just milking it or what?
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I.Hate.that.she.elf. Killi is my huuuuuuuuuuuuuge crush...
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Tyrion lannister must be having a piggy back or something. Maybe someone is on hands and knees and hes standing on their back?
shadowhiver shadowhiver06.07.201513:21responselink
well, it did land on its feet...and its face...
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holy CRAP
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oh that's dudeiwantthat, right? I have an account on it, but im English..... and its American... :(
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